Donations Made

The Tucson Charity Real Estate team does everything they can to donate money to organizations that will benefit our community.  It is vital that the organizations we donate to use our funds properly and ethically.

So, how do we work?  Very simply!  We donate 18% of our commissions to local charities and organizations of our clients choice.  If our clients choose their favorite school, then we donate to their favorite school.  The same goes for churches and other non-profit organizations.   Our true goal is to raise money for good causes.

How much money do we raise?   A typical commission for a Realtor is around 3% per transaction.  If a property costs $200,000 then a commission would be around $6000.   18% of $6000 is $1080, so $1080 would be donated to the organization of our clients choice.  We figure out our donations before all of our fees so we can raise as much money as possible!

We have the best Realtors and we help the best causes.  Invest in yourself and your community.  Call us today for any of your Tucson Real Estate needs.